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Revelation 3:21

Context Summary Revelation 3:14–22 is Jesus’ final and most strident message, addressed to the church at Laodicea. We learn from this assessment that the Laodicean...
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Revelation 3:11

Context Summary Revelation 3:7–13 contains Jesus’ letter to the church at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, was a center for exporting the Greek language and culture into the...
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Revelation 3:5

Context Summary Revelation 3:1–6 comprises the letter Jesus dictated to John to send to the church in Sardis. The church’s reputation was a far cry...
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Revelation 2:26

Context Summary Revelation 2:18–29 reveals what Jesus instructed John to write to the church at Thyatira. Although the church exhibited commendable virtues, it allowed an...
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Revelation 2:10

Context Summary Revelation 2:8–11 contains Jesus’ message, through John, to the church at Smyrna. Christians in Smyrna were undergoing intense persecution at the time these...
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Revelation 2:7

(Read Revelation 2:1-7) These churches were in such different states as to purity of doctrine and the power of godliness, that the words of Christ to...
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Revelation 2:4-5

Context Summary Revelation 2:1–7 is the first letter Jesus dictated to John, intended for the church at Ephesus. This congregation is praised for patient endurance...
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Revelation 1:20

Context Summary Revelation 1:17–20 reports John’s dramatic response to seeing the glorified Son of God and Jesus’ comforting actions and words. Jesus also describes Himself...
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Revelation 1:3

In this verse John promises a blessing to the person who reads aloud the words which have been written and a blessing to those who...
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Matthew 19:17

Context Summary Matthew 19:16–30 describes Jesus’ conversation with a wealthy young man who asks how to attain eternal life. Jesus begins by establishing a standard...