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Exodus 13 3a

Exodus 13:3

(Read Exodus 13:1-10) In remembrance of the destruction of the first-born of Egypt, both of man and of beast, and the deliverance of the Israelites out...
Exodus 12 21

Exodus 12:21

Read Exodus 12:21-28) That night, when the first-born were to be destroyed, no Israelite must stir out of doors till called to march out of Egypt....
Exodus 12 13

Exodus 12:13

Read Exodus 12:1-20) The Lord makes all things new to those whom he delivers from the bondage of Satan, and takes to himself to be his...
Exodus 11 10

Exodus 11:10

(Read Exodus 11:4-10) The death of all the first-born in Egypt at once: this plague had been the first threatened, but is last executed. See how...
Exodus 10 14

Exodus 10:14

(Read Exodus 10:12-20) God bids Moses stretch out his hand; locusts came at the call. An army might more easily have been resisted than this host...
Exodus 9 10

Exodus 9:10

(Read Exodus 9:8-12) When the Egyptians were not wrought upon by the death of their cattle, God sent a plague that seized their own bodies. If...
Exodus 8 32

Exodus 8:32

(Read Exodus 8:20-32) Pharaoh was early at his false devotions to the river; and shall we be for more sleep and more slumber, when any service...
Exodus 7 20

Exodus 7:20

(Read Exodus 7:14-25) Here is the first of the ten plagues, the turning of the water into blood. It was a dreadful plague. The sight of...