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Revelation 18:2

Revelation 18:1–8 contains a glorious angel’s pronouncement of doom on Babylon. This Babylon here appears to be a literal physical city, whereas the Babylon described...
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Revelation 17:14

Context Summary Revelation 17:7–14 explains the meaning of the visions John saw in the prior verses. The angel speaking with John explains the symbols of...
Revelation 17 5

Revelation 17:5

Context Summary Revelation 17:1–7 depicts a system of corrupt religion from which God calls upon His people to withdraw (Revelation 18:4; 2 Corinthians 6:14–18). This...
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Revelation 16:7

Context Summary Revelation 16:1–7 reports the beginning of the bowl judgments which were predicted in Revelation 15:5–8. The first and second judgments resemble the plague...
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Revelation 16:1

(Read Revelation 16:1-7) We are to pray that the will of God may be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Here is a...
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Revelation 15:8

Context Summary Revelation 15:5–8 describes the seven angels emerging from the sanctuary in heaven in possession of seven plagues. They receive seven bowls full of...
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Revelation 15:7

(Read Revelation 15:5-8) In the judgments God executes upon antichrist and his followers, he fulfils the prophecies and promises of his word. These angels are prepared...
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Revelation 14:12

Revelation 14:6–13 reports what three angels announce. The first angel declares God’s imminent judgment on Babylon, but first he proclaims the eternal gospel throughout the...
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Revelation 14:11

Some modern religious teachers recoil at the thought of eternal punishment. However, the Bible clearly teaches that all who do not believe in Jesus as...
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Revelation 13:12

Context Summary Revelation 13:11–18 focuses on the second beast of this chapter, the last of seven major figures described in this part of Revelation. This...