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The Covering Of His Blood
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  • The Covering Of His Blood


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Colossians 3:8

Context Summary Colossians 3:1–11 encourages Christian believers to focus their attention on godly, spiritual things. Those who are spiritually free, thanks to their faith in...
Micah 5 2

Micah 5:2

(Read Micah 5:1-6) Having showed how low the house of David would be brought, a prediction of the Messiah and his kingdom is added to encourage...
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1 Peter 1:8-9

Context Summary 1 Peter 1:3–12 is one of the most loved passages in all of Scripture. It begins as a blessing to God, but also...
3 John 1 6

3 John 1:6

Context Summary Third John 1:1–8 introduces the writer as “the elder,” which tradition says is the apostle John. It specifies that the letter is meant...
Jeremiah 21 8

Jeremiah 21:8

(Read Jeremiah 21:1-10) When the siege had begun, Zedekiah sent to ask of Jeremiah respecting the event. In times of distress and danger, men often seek...
Genesis 39 23

Genesis 39:23

Context Summary Genesis 39:19–23 describes Joseph’s arrival in the Egyptian prison reserved for the king’s prisoners. Joseph’s once-trusting master has him jailed after the master’s...
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John 14:26

Context Summary John 14:15–31 contains a prediction about the Holy Spirit. Jesus refers to this as the Spirit of Truth, and promises that the Spirit...
Genesis 1 1

Genesis 1:1

Context Summary Genesis 1:1–13 describes the first three days of creation. These follow a common pattern. First, God speaks, then He creates, then names His...