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Revelation 14:7

Context Summary Revelation 14:6–13 reports what three angels announce. The first angel declares God’s imminent judgment on Babylon, but first he proclaims the eternal gospel...
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Revelation 3:16

Context Summary Revelation 3:14–22 is Jesus’ final and most strident message, addressed to the church at Laodicea. We learn from this assessment that the Laodicean...
Isaiah 5 20

Isaiah 5:20

Context Summary Isaiah 5:8–30 contains Isaiah’s dire predictions about the upcoming judgment of Israel. The first “woes” are to the greedy and the pleasure-seeking drinkers....
Psalm 11 4

Psalm 11:4

Chapter Contents David’s struggle with, and triumph over a strong temptation to distrust God, and betake himself to indirect means for his own safety, in...
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Acts 16:30-31

Context Summary Acts 16:25–40 records Paul’s first imprisonment. The Philippian magistrates arrested Paul and Silas and had them beaten for spreading the news about Jesus....
Genesis 2 7

Genesis 2:7

Context Summary Genesis 2:4–9 begins to describe additional details about the creation of human beings, starting with the creation of the first man. Man is...
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Luke 1:26-27

Context Summary Luke 1:26–38 relates how a virgin learned she would miraculously bear the Son of God. The angel Gabriel comes to Mary, who is...
Isaiah 7 14

Isaiah 7:14

(Read Isaiah 7:10-16) Secret disaffection to God is often disguised with the colour of respect to him; and those who are resolved that they will not...
Ezra 2 1

Ezra 2:1

(Read Ezra 2:1-35) Verse Ezra 2:1. These are the children of the province — That is, of Judea; once a kingdom, and a flourishing nation; now a province, subdued, tributary, and ruined! Behold the goodness...
1 Timothy 2 5

1 Timothy 2:5

Context Summary First Timothy 2:1–8 provides a perspective on prayer. Christians are not only supposed to pray, but to pray for all people. This even...