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Matthew 19:17

Context Summary Matthew 19:16–30 describes Jesus’ conversation with a wealthy young man who asks how to attain eternal life. Jesus begins by establishing a standard of goodness, suggesting the man keep all the commandments. When the man says he has done this, Jesus suggests he give up his wealth to follow Him. The man’s sad… Continue reading Matthew 19:17

Matthew 14:28-29

Matthew 14 28 29

Context Summary Matthew 14:22–33 contains the miracle of Jesus walking on the water. Immediately after feeding thousands of people from a single small portion, Jesus goes up to a mountain to pray. The disciples spend a long night rowing against a strong wind. Jesus walks across the lake to meet them. Peter walks on the… Continue reading Matthew 14:28-29

Matthew 6:34

Matthew 6 34

Context Summary Matthew 6:25–34 concludes this part of the Sermon on the Mount with Jesus’ teaching about anxiety. Even to the very poor, Jesus says not to worry about food or clothes. God feeds the birds and clothes the lilies beautifully, and His children are far more valuable than birds. Anxious emotions can’t add even… Continue reading Matthew 6:34

Matthew 5:3

Context Summary Matthew 5:1–12 contains the beautiful Beatitudes delivered by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount. The series of nine sentences describes an unlikely group of people as blessed: the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those hungry for righteousness, and the merciful. All are blessed because of their part in the… Continue reading Matthew 5:3

Matthew 7:7

Matthew 7 7

Context Summary Matthew 7:7–14 describes God as a generous Father eager to give good gifts to His praying children. Jesus commands His followers to continually ask and seek, with confidence that they will receive and find. Christ summarizes the intent of God’s commands in the Old Testament: doing for others what we want done for… Continue reading Matthew 7:7