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Mark 13:31

Recognizing the End Times

Context Summary
Mark 13:28–31 makes a lesson about recognizing the end times using an example from farming. Although no one can know when Jesus will return (Acts 1:6–7), God promises to give us signs to let us know the end times are approaching. More specifically, He has told us the sign of the beginning of the tribulation and how long the tribulation will last. If we pay attention, these signs will be as easy to read as the seasons’ effects on a fig tree. Many words have been written over verse 30, but it merely means that the tribulation will be short. Matthew 24:32–35 and Luke 21:28–33 record nearly identical accounts.


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“Mark 13:31”

What does Mark 13:31 mean? (


Mark 13:31

31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Recognizing the End Times
Recognizing the End Times
Romans 10 10
Romans 5 20
Exodus 6 30
James 1 14
Psalm 19 4

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